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How To Upgrade Jamb Result

How To Upgrade Jamb Result; Gain Admission Into Any School, Exclusive

Are you thinking of how you can upgrade your Jamb result? Or are you wondering if it’s possible to truly upgrade jamb Result? Well, whatever your thoughts are, we are going to help you achieve all that now. We will exclusively give you some vital information, tricks and ways to achieve all the questions you have in mind. Not just how to upgrade Jamb score but we also will tell you how to gain admission into any higher institution of your choice in Nigeria with no stress.

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Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has been the body responsible for admission process into higher institutions in Nigeria. Several candidates have fall victim to this board over the years in trying to gain admission into institution of their choice. However, others have had it quite easy in the whole Jamb process, even making it in their very first attempt.

Is Jamb Result Upgrade Real?

We have seen several questions of this shape online on daily basis. Students with low score after checking their Jamb result often look for a way out to still chase their dream. This and many more reasons is why you see several Jamb bites ask this kind of question each and every day. Well, in a bit to answer this question let us let you know a few thing. The JAMB exams over few years now has been CBT rather than the usual pen and paper we use to know. As a matter of fact your result is ready immediately after taking the exams but for some reasons the board has to keep it for some time. The CBT app used by Jamb uses offline connection which makes almost impossible to crack. It is not totally impossible to crack the Jamb CBT app but trust me it hasn’t happened just yet. Disregard any write-up you see online asking you to upgrade your Jamb score. As a matter of fact if anyone ask you for money to help you upgrade your Jamb score, you should immediately report that person to police or any relevant authorities. Avoid being scammed by fraudster in the name of upgrading your Jamb score. There is nobody neither is there any means of upgrading your Jamb score.

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How To Pass JAMB on Your First Attempt

We have exclusively prepared something nice for you How To Pass JAMB on Your First Attempt, so click here to see!!!

There are many simple ways to achieve these but our experienced trainers who are experts in terms of exams. Superb drilling on how to pass exams, making of good grades and choosing the right course to study is what our staffs offer. So, if you need special drillings on any of the lines stated above or any other academic topic feel free to contact us by Clicking Here.

Hope we’ve got you covered on this very topic? Repeatedly we have to say, there is no way you can upgrade your Jamb at the moment. NO WAY, don’t be deceived by anybody. So, if you have ever had any thoughts of this kind, it is time to reframe your mind. However, for tricks and tweaks on how to pass Jamb on your very first attempt click here.

How to Score 300 and Above in JAMB

How to Score 300 and Above in JAMB | The important thing is that it is not insurmountable and indeed you can score up to 300 and above in your Post UTME exam. What to know how to do that? Stay Focus and follow me.

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What are the steps to passing post utme? How will I score very high in post utme exam? You will get the answers to these questions in this article. In this article, you will learn how to pass post ume and get admission into university.

Getting admission into higher institutions in Nigeria might be a bit challenging nowadays as almost all the institutions implement post utme entrance examination to select candidates for their provisional admission.

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Most students have difficulties in getting high scores in post utme examinations, thus could not get admission to their desired course of study. Some other students supplement to other undesirable courses or institutions.

Presently, there are a greater number of post secondary students floating around the country without opportunity for further studies as a result of inability to gain admission into higher institution.

The examsguru team decides to offer proven methods to help well ambitious students who want to score high in your post utme examinations.

Below are some tips to improve your preparatory skills as well as what to do in the examination hall. These tips can help you to score as high as 300 in your post utme exams.


Before the Exams

  1. Understand the Type of Exams you are taking: before you can pass post any utme exams, you will have to understand the nature of the examination. Ask these vital questions before the exams; is the exams computer based? Or is it paper and pencil test? How are they setting the question? How many questions are my expecting to answer? What type of questions are my expecting? It it essay type questions? Is it multiple choice? This information will enable you to know how to prepare better for the upcoming examination.
  2. Get Past QuestionsGetting past questions for the previous years is a top shot. These past questions will not only give you insight into the pattern of the exams but it will help you to brainstorm while practicing it and predict the possible questions you are expecting. If you don’t have any, go now and get one from your school of choice and start practicing it.
  3. Read Consistently: Of course you chose the path to study, so reading should not be a hobby anymore to you. Make consistent reading your culture. Read well and read wide. The secret of above 300 in your Post UTME Exams lies in reading persistently. Having gotten the pattern of the exams, set up a reading timetable and follow it religiously. Your goal is to get admission, so you should give priority to it until you achieve it.
  4. Join Extramural Classes. This has proven to to be a very effective means of scoring over 300.

On the Exams Day!

  1. Arrive at the Exams Venue Early: No matter how you prepared for the exams, it will become an absolute waste of energy if you do not arrive at the exam venue on time. Arriving early at the exam venue will give you the opportunity to be adapted to the environment, for instance you are travelling to a far place for your exams. You will also have the opportunity to be part of the orientation talk with respect to the exams. If your university of choice is in another state of very far from your location, I will advise that you travel a day before the exams.
  2. Bring required exam materials: Make sure you go to the exam hall with all the required exam materials and avoid going with any other thing that can implicate you.
  3. On the exam hall: What ever that happened and the expected result depends on what you are doing in the examination hall. Below is the basic tips;

(a)    Pay attention to instructions: Do exactly what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not old to do

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(b)   Prayer Matters: You have to invite your creator to help you in the exams you are about to take.

(c)    Consult the timing of the exams: Check the time allotted for the exams and compare it with the number of questions you’re given. This will give you insight to how much time should be spent on a particular question

(d)   Use your brain: You have to apply what ever you read before the exams, aside from that, the time you spent to read will become totally wasted. Scan through the options before reading the questions. Read every question slowly and attempt to answer it. If you can’t decipher the correct answer, read it slowly again and attempt to answer. If you don’t have any headway, just leave it and go to another one.

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(e)   Time yourself: Timing in the exam hall is very paramount. If you are answering 100 questions for 1hour, you have to calculate it out. There are 60minutes in 1hour for me to use it and answer 100 questions. That means I have 0.6minutes to answer 1question. As simple as that. So if you try to answer a particular question without answer, leave it to another to same time for other questions. After you can come back to revisit the questions that you left behind.

(f)     Shade the Correct Answer: This exam is called aptitude test. It is meant to test your common reasoning. These are cheap questions. Read each question carefully and attempt your answer. Take note, most questions might not have answer there in the options. “It is aptitude test”

(g)    Shade everything correctly: make sure you shade everything correctly if it is paper and pencil exams. If you are writing on a computer make sure you read more about computer based test to have a flaire of the exam situation.

(h)   Submit when you are told to: Final Point

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This is How to Score above 300 in your Post UTME Exams. These methods have been proven to work very well if you apply them judiciously. If this post has been beneficial to you, consider sharing it with your friends and relatives or you have any comment of contribution to make, we will be glad to hear from you. Use the comment section below, let’s hear from you.

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The Team Wishes you well in your upcoming exams

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